Window StandardWindow 15.096,00 €
terrace with inside entrance 2.856,00 €
door left 2.040,00 €
Paint RAL-colours 450,00 €
Net purchase price   20.442,00 €
VAT 19%   3.883,98 €
Total price   24.325,98 €
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The bboxx includes:
a door which can be closed safely and sliding- windows made of high- grade steel; a sales counter made of either solid wood or high-grade steel, a possibility for a connection with eletricity, water, effluent, etc. ; if required a roof-terrace (with a rounded bench/chairs, table, marquee), heater mat, refridgerator, shelf. etc.
The bboxx is:
a mobile sales and presentation stand; made of high-quality material (concrete, high-grade steel, solid wood); based on an innovative shape, which is attracting attention and which offers a lot of advertising space; quickly and easily at your favored location, can be individually adjusted to your requirement; massive, safe and nevertheless mobile.
The bboxx can:
be used as a sales, information, fair or presentation stand; be used as a consultancy office or as a projection room; be used as an advertising medium for products or services; be used as a storage (the model can be windowless if required); be used indoors and outdoors; be used and purchased in Berlin, Germany and Europe.
Deliveries within the EU are VAT-exempt when the following conditions are
- delivery must be done against payment
- supplier and purchaser are taxable for VAT
- the merchandise is carried outside the supplier´s country of residency to
another member state of the EU